Welcome to The Hunt 2021

The Hunt 2021

We are excited to partner with ASSOS USA again to bring you The Hunt.
The fun begins on June 15th when ambassadors start hiding ASSOS canisters and posting clues on Instagram. Anyone who wants to join the 3-week scavenger hunt should follow @PikesPeakAPEX on Instagram for clues.

Who can participate?

The Hunt is open to anyone. 

How can I join?

Just follow @pikespeakapex on Instagram and look for clues that indicate an ASSOS canister has been hidden near you.

When is The Hunt?

The Hunt begins on June 15th. Follow @pikespeakapex on Instagram for clues.

What is a 'clue'?

Look for this Canister
Look for this Canister!

We will join with ASSOS USA and ambassadors to post details, hints and pictures on Instagram that will lead to the location where an ASSOS canister has been hidden. When you see these 'clues' indicating a canister is in your area, you will know to hop on your bike and follow the clues to the hidden ASSOS canister.

What is an ASSOS Canister?

See the ASSOS canister pictured here. When you find it, open it and look inside for instructions on how to claim your prize. (By the way, these cannisters are great for carrying tools, food or clothing in a bottle cage!)

Where is The Hunt?

Some ASSOS canisters will be hidden on The APEX courses. Other canisters could be hidden anywhere in North America. Follow @pikespeakapex on Instagram for hints that will lead you to the locations where the prizes are hidden.

Why should I join The Hunt?

Fun and ASSOS USA is giving away some really cool gear, including jerseys, bib shorts and more!

Here are the rules!

  1. Follow @pikespeakapex on Instagram for clues.
  2. When you find an ASSOS canister, look inside for instructions and follow the directions of what to do next. 
  3. Snap a pic of you with the cannister, post it on Instagram and tag @pikespeakapex and @assos_usa.  
  4. We will communicate with winners as they win, prizes will be shipped from ASSOS.
  5. Participants should observe all local, state or federal social distancing guidelines and travel restrictions in place during The Hunt.
  6. The Hunt is meant to be a fun, personal challenge. Participants should watch for traffic and adhere to all rules of the road.
  7. Riders are ON THEIR OWN to enjoy their own personal ride. By participating in this activity, riders cannot hold The Pikes Peak APEX, PPORA, Tourism Strategies, LLC or ASSOS USA liable for any injury that may occur.