VIDEO: EF Pros Have 'Pure Fun' at The APEX

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Take a look as Cannondale documented Alex Howes and Lachlan Morton having ‘pure fun’ in Colorado Springs.

If you were out at The APEX this year, you may have heard the buzz or seen the video crew for Cannondale following EF Pros Alex Howes and Lachlan Morton on the trails and beyond. For us, it was pure fun having these guys join us for 2021, and watching this video documenting their time in Colorado Springs was a bonus.

We're not swooning over these guys because they are pros, although they are among the best in their sport. Who can't appreciate Alex's win at the 144-mile 2021 SBT GRVL or Lachlan's self-supported, Tour de France ‘Alt Tour’? But, more importantly, we admire them for their attitudes and enjoy seeing them genuinely have fun. We have to agree with Lachlan, mountain-biking is the future of cycling.

"If you could spend like an hour a day mountain biking every day for the rest of your life, you’d be a pretty happy person.” – Lachlan Morton