Video: Course Director Daniel Matheny Tell Us What to Expect for 2021

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If you have ever been part of planning an event, you can imagine the work that goes into planning The APEX. Organizing and permitting a cycling event with a single course can be daunting. Multiply the number of days and courses by 4, and you are looking at quite a challenge! Luckily, our team loves a challenge, especially Course Director, Daniel Matheny!

Daniel is part of the ambitious team that works all year long to bring you The APEX. A lot of effort goes into delivering courses that guarantee 4 days of epic riding. Working with land owners and managers, procuring use permits from multiple organizations, mapping exhilarating (and safe) routes and incorporating areas large enough for start and finish lines seems overwhelming enough for a course designer. Add in COVID-19 and other challenges Daniel shares with us, and the months leading up to The APEX were proving to make for a difficult year. By the time The APEX was 'done and dusted' for 2020 all of the challenges had been met and the event was a success. When the work was over, Daniel even managed to sneak in some fun! 

Watch as he talks about the in’s and out’s of creating an impressive course, with stunning scenery and fun for all levels of participants.