VeloNews Interviews Dr. Michael Roshon about The APEX COVID-19 Response for September

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VeloNews interviews Dr. Michael Roshon about The Pikes Peak APEX COVID-19 response plan for September. 

Dr. Roshon said the Apex race’s lack of pre- and post-race gatherings, plus the small wave starts, has greatly reduced the event’s overall risk of transmitting the event.

“When you rethink things like the post-race beer garden and mass starts, what you’re left with is people riding on a trail, mostly separated,” Dr. Roshon said. “They did an awesome job of using the toolset we created to think about each element independently and come up with a risk assessment and mitigation checklist. You end up with a score that is a reasonable risk assessment, and man, it sure looks like a reasonable risk to me.”

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