Trail Stewardship

This world-class event drives economic impact to the area to fund the improvement of trails and open space in the Pikes Peak region for the lasting enjoyment of residents and visitors.

Medicine Wheel Trail Advocates Workday
Projects supported by the PPORA Trail Stewardship
Medicine Wheel Trail Advocates Workday
Medicine Wheel Trail Advocates Workday
Medicine Wheel Trail Advocates Workday
Medicine Wheel Trail Advocates Workday

A project of Pikes Peak Outdoor Recreation Alliance, Pikes Peak APEX is a non-profit event that supports the PPORA Stewardship Fund.

Projects supported by PPORA Trail Stewardship FundPikes Peak Outdoor Recreation Alliance is a collaborative of outdoor businesses, nonprofits, government entities, and individuals who recognize the value of our region’s natural and recreation assets to our community both as an economic driver and for our health and well-being and the strength found in working together. PPORA’s mission is to strengthen the outdoor recreation industry for the Pikes Peak region through leadership and collaboration.

Daniels PassThe Board of Directors of the PPORA approved a fund allocation of $20,000 in money which includes funds reserved from 2020 and those anticipated to be raised by the Pikes Peak APEX presented by RockShox this year. The money will be spent on trails that will be used in the 2021 edition of The APEX this September, as well as trails that could potentially be used by the event in 2022 and beyond. Trails include USFS trails in Monument, CO, new trails in Cheyenne Canyon on Colorado Springs Parks land, and support for existing trails in Palmer Park. Read more.

So far, $6,000 of the funds raised from the 2020 Pikes Peak APEX presented by RockShox has been spent improving Palmer Park, and thousands more will be spent over the summer of 2021 leading up to the fall event. See details below.

The Pikes Peak Outdoor Recreation Alliance (PPORA) announced an allocation of $6,000 for trail work in Palmer Park made possible by the PPORA Stewardship Fund. The Fund, launched in 2020 with funds from the inaugural Pikes Peak APEX presented by RockShox, gives back to the community and invests in its future. Read more.

To see a list of PPORA Stewardship Fund funded projects, as well as all the trail stewardship work completed on the 2020 APEX race courses, click here.

Collaborating with land managers and like-minded advocacy groups, the PPORA Stewardship Fund brings attention and action to the Pikes Peak region’s trail system and surrounding lands for multiple uses and users. The Fund supports both the existing and the potential system with priority given to ensure race venue areas and trails emerge more sustainable and better connected for enjoyment by all users in the greater community.

As outdoor enthusiasts, it is our duty to serve and protect the trail system for current and future generations.

As outdoor enthusiasts the memories, friendships and experiences the Pikes Peak area trail system has provided over the years are an invaluable gift, one that may only be reciprocated through stewardship.

As outdoor enthusiasts, attention and action are urgent. Increasing population and changes in our climate are exacerbating trail damage and are contributing to the frequency and ferocity of storms, forest fires, blowdowns and other natural forces. These impacts are outpacing land managers’ ability to maintain and expand the multi- use trail system.

As outdoor enthusiasts, we invite the community to Care for Colorado through a strong stewardship ethic. The Pikes Peak region is continuing to attract innovators, families, retirees, recreation enthusiasts and millions of tourists drawn to the natural beauty and high quality of life. Strong outdoor ethics are essential to the sustainability of the places we love.


The PPORA Stewardship Fund strives to make a tangible improvement in the Pikes Peak area trail system.


The PPORA Stewardship Fund strives to build community-wide awareness and expectation for trail system stewardship.


The PPORA Stewardship Fund strives to embed sustainable protocols in all aspects of the event, such as: electric powered transportation and support, recycling at all venues and events, strategic spectator control to minimize environmental resource damage, pre- and post-race trail repair, and teaming with professional trail contractors.

The PPORA Board of Directors is responsible for all PPORA Stewardship Fund allocations, agreements and implementation.

Within the first five years, the PPORA Stewardship Fund aims to annually complete three types of stewardship efforts.

In prioritized order these include

  1. Pre and post-race sustainable trail restorations on all race venue trails,
  2. Sustained trail maintenance on the multi-use regional system via partnerships, funding manpower and/or other means,
  3. Partnering with others to achieve long-term visionary regional trail system connectivity.

An Advisory Panel will formulate recommendations for consideration and action by the PPORA BOD. The Panel makeup, envisioned as a group of diverse stakeholders, will be recommended by the APEX race administrator, APEX Board representative, and PPORA Stewardship Fund chair each year for review and approval by the PPORA Executive Director.

All Advisory Board project recommendations must

  1. Be tangible, ‘do-able” projects benefiting the area’s citizens,
  2. Meet the PPORA Stewardship Fund Vision, Commitments and Goals,
  3. Demonstrate benefit to the current and or future APEX venues, and
  4. Include an implementation strategy, budget and timeline.

Recommendations to the PPORA BOD will be coordinated by the PPORA Stewardship Fund chair for selection/approval and funding allocation.

The PPORA Stewardship Fund will be funded by a percentage of gross income from The Pikes Peak APEX, all post- APEX event remaining funds, and other fundraisers and grants.