Buffalo Lodge Bicycle Resort Celebrates 5 Years with Birthday Bash This Week

Torie Griffin, with her mother and grandmother

There are four generations of cyclists at the Buffalo Lodge Bicycle Resort. Torie Griffin, along with her mother, grandmother and children, are gearing up for a big 5th Anniversary this week! The Lodge is over 100 years old, and the renovations to create a community for cyclists are about 80% complete.  Every detail carefully thought through to cater to the cycling culture—from bike washes, to in-room bike storage, location, room décor and events on the property. 

2021 Lodging Partner Announced: Buffalo Lodge Bicycle Resort

Buffalo Lodge Bicycle Resort

Time to start planning for 2021! Without a doubt, Buffalo Lodge Bicycle Resort was a hit in 2020, and owner Torie Giffin, along with her team, received rave reviews from everyone we know who stayed there. They’re inviting us back for 2021, AND we’ve worked out a discount. APEX participants will receive 50% off Signature Rooms and 25% off Standard Rooms. Buffalo Lodge Bicycle Resort is a historic bicycle-themed motor lodge, with amenities and activities suited to cyclists. Availability will be limited. Don’t wait and risk missing out!