Roundtable Video: APEX Course Review

Course Director, Daniel Matheny finally makes his debut on the podcast. If you’ve been waiting for a peek into the 2022 APEX, this is for you. The special episode features John doing a deep dive into the courses. Listen in as he talks through the stages with Daniel and Brian Peck, who is returning for his second APEX and recently rode these courses at APEX Endurance Camp. Watch and learn what to expect in each stage and how to conquer them. They cover nutrition planning, pack vs. bottles, bikes and more.

Rider Spotlight Video: Coach Robert Mayfield

In our 3rd episode of The APEX podcast, John Croom chats with Robert Mayfield about what brought this international track cyclist and coach to Colorado Springs and his last minute decision to buy a bike from his neighbor and jump into the 4-day MTB Challenge. The 2021 APEX wasn't his usual race. Listen to his experience.

Rider Spotlight Video: Missy Ross

In our first episode of The APEX podcast, host John Croom chats with Missy Ross about her transition to cycling, what brought her to ride in The APEX in 2021 and what she is looking forward to from the 2022 APEX Endurance Camp and Pikes Peak APEX presented by RockShox. They also cover where to get a bite and a brew in Colorado Springs. Take a look.

VIDEO: See What Riders Think of The APEX

Watch as over 25 riders are interviewed at the 2021 Pikes Peak APEX presented by RockShox and learn what makes this a 'can't miss' event on everyone's fall calendar.