Roundtable Video: APEX Course Review

Course Director, Daniel Matheny finally makes his debut on the podcast. If you’ve been waiting for a peek into the 2022 APEX, this is for you. The special episode features John doing a deep dive into the courses. Listen in as he talks through the stages with Daniel and Brian Peck, who is returning for his second APEX and recently rode these courses at APEX Endurance Camp. Watch and learn what to expect in each stage and how to conquer them. They cover nutrition planning, pack vs. bottles, bikes and more.

Trail Etiquette 101: Sharing the Trails at Mountain Biking Events

Sharing the Trails
No matter whether you are competing for the $25,000 in prize money at The 2022 Pikes Peak APEX presented by RockShox, racing to win your age group, or riding to have a great adventure, we want every rider to have a safe and fun experience. It is also important to be good stewards of the area trail systems and good trail citizens. Here is a primer on rider etiquette for mountain bike racing so we can all go hard, race competitively, and still be friends at the end of the day.

What to Expect: 2022 APEX Endurance Camp

APEX Endurance Camp: What to Expect for 2022

With course planning in full swing and a camp to plan, APEX Course Director, Daniel Matheny is gearing up for another busy year! We've been fielding your questions, and we know everyone wants to learn more about what to expect in 2022. So, I caught up with Daniel for a quick Q&A session. I couldn't get him to spill on courses just yet - look for more on that soon! But, I did get the scoop on 2022 APEX Endurance Camp, and here's what riders can expect.

VIDEO: 2022 Course Planning

If you missed the meeting, watch it here. Thanks for your feedback and support as we plan courses for 2022 and beyond! We appreciate the feedback we received from everyone who joined us in person at Trails End Taproom or remotely via live steam.

Get Ready for 2022 APEX Endurance Camp

Dates Set for 2022 Endurance Camp

Mark your calendar to join us in Olympic City, USA for APEX Endurance Camp June 3rd through 5th.

APEX Course Director, Daniel Matheny will be back with plenty in store for the 3-day camp in Colorado Springs. If you want to sharpen your skills and preview some of the courses for the 2022 APEX, you'll want to join us. Registration for 2022 APEX Endurance Camp will open on February 1, 2022. Space will be limited to guarantee the best rider experience. Learn more here.


Video: APEX Endurance Camp 411 with Daniel Matheny

You know you'll get in some course recon with Course Director, Daniel Matheny, but what else should you expect from the 4-day camp in Colorado Springs July 22nd-25th? Lots! Watch as Daniel goes over some of it here. Questions? Go to for more details! Space will be limited to guarantee the best rider experience. So, don't delay.

Video: Course Director Daniel Matheny Tell Us What to Expect for 2021

If you have ever been part of planning an event, you can imagine the work that goes into planning The APEX. Organizing and permitting a cycling event with a single course can be daunting. Multiply the number of days and courses by 4, and you are looking at quite a challenge! Luckily, our team loves a challenge, especially Course Director, Daniel Matheny!