Roundtable Video: APEX Course Review

Course Director, Daniel Matheny finally makes his debut on the podcast. If you’ve been waiting for a peek into the 2022 APEX, this is for you. The special episode features John doing a deep dive into the courses. Listen in as he talks through the stages with Daniel and Brian Peck, who is returning for his second APEX and recently rode these courses at APEX Endurance Camp. Watch and learn what to expect in each stage and how to conquer them. They cover nutrition planning, pack vs. bottles, bikes and more.

Bike & Tire Guide for Pikes Peak APEX

Pikes Peak APEX

A lot of the questions we get about The Pikes Peak APEX presented by RockShox are related to bikes. We hope this guide helps answer them. For anyone wondering: what’s the best mountain bike and tire setup for the Pikes Peak APEX? Well, there’s no perfect setup for everyone, but here are some guidelines to help you bring gear well suited to the unique terrain and conditions in the Pikes Peak Region.

Ready for Some Good News?

Are you ready for some good news? We were.

Then, we received an email from People for Bikes. They reminded us that the bicycle 'has been a beacon of positivity during these uncertain times.' Bike ridership has been booming. Some bike shops have found ways to increase sales and repairs. Bikes are keeping us together while we are staying apart.

People for Bikes has been tracking the good news and you can see it here.