Support at The APEX

Our goal is to provide riders limited emergency mechanical support and the ability to refuel during the race, without having to carry all of their food and drink with them throughout the day. Aid stations will be located along the courses of Stages 2, 3 and 4. Riders will be expected to respect social distancing, sanitize their hands, etc. Likewise, all event staff and volunteers can be expected to follow distancing and hand sanitizing protocols.

Aid Stations

Courtesy of The Warner Group, Heuberger Subaru and Adventures Out West, riders will find fully stocked aid stations available for Stages 2 and 3 and a water station for Stage 4.

Stage 2: Monument
  • Aid Station 1 @ 10.8 miles
  • Aid Station 2 courtesy of The Warner Group @ 23.8 miles
  • Water Station @ 33.2 miles
Stage 3: Gold Camp
  • Water Station @ 8.9 miles
  • Aid Station 1 courtesy of Heuberger Subaru @ 17.4 miles
  • Aid Station 2 courtesy of Adventures out West @ 23.3 miles
Stage 4: Cheyenne Canyon
  • Water Station @ 11.1 miles and 19.1 miles

Food & Beverages

There will be 5 gallon water coolers to refill water bottles at every water station and aid station on the course. In addition, we will have Enduro Bites and GU products (gels, stroopwafels) and GU Rocktane energy drink mix. Some aid stations may have additional items like crackers, cookies, bananas, etc.

Outside Support

Outside Support will be limited to one spot on each of the larger days—Aid Station #2 on Friday and Aid station #1 on Saturday. Team and support staff should stay within these designated areas only. Also, team and support staff should park in designated areas to avoid traffic congestion.

Tech Support

Tech SupportAll riders should be self-reliant. There are remote areas on the courses where access to support will be difficult to provide.

There will be a mechanic for emergency mechanical support at Aid Station #1 both Friday and Saturday and some limited supplies at Aid Station #2.

The Subaru Support Team will be on course daily to provide limited technical support throughout the race and have a few tools, tubes, etc.

Bike Wash

Bike wash will be available in the Start/Finish area on Days 2, 3 and 4.

Medical Support

Centura HealthMedical operations will be overseen by Centura Health and volunteer medical personnel from the Hybl Center. Remote stages will also be supported by El Paso County Search and Rescue.