Single Day Options

Interested in a Single Day Option?

The Pikes Peak APEX presented by RockShox has heard you loud and clear! Not everyone can handle a 4-Day MTB CHALLENGE. Just kidding! What we meant was not everyone can put aside 4 days to ride bikes on the slopes of Pikes Peak.

So, for two days, we are allowing a limited number of people to get a taste of the APEX in a one-day format. We've set aside 40 slots on Thursday and Saturday for riders to enjoy a single day in the saddle.

Registration Details

Single Day Option: Thursday, September 24, 2020

Thursday will be a no-frills time trial in Palmer Park where riders can jump in and compare their times with the top pros who are racing the 4-day stage race. 

  • Availability:
    • 20 slots for women
    • 20 slots for men
  • Entry fee:
    • $28 (start time and number plate only)

Single Day Option: Saturday, September 26, 2020

Saturday will be an all-inclusive day where riders can utilize aid stations and on-mountain tech support while riding the full Stage 3 route up Gold Camp and down through Jones Park to Captain Jacks Trail. Saturday riders will receive the special swag bag as well! 

  • Availability:
    • 20 slots for women
    • 20 slots for men
  • Entry fee:
    • $125 (includes swag bag, aid stations, and limited mechanical support)


Single Day Option Riders will start behind the stage race riders
Single Day Option Riders are not eligible for any prizes

Single Day Options are limited on Thursday and Saturday. Each day will allow 20 slots for women and 20 slots for men.  When those are gone, they are gone.


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