Save the Date: Sugar Beets Host APEX Soiree & Q&A

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Sugar Beets Soiree Save the Date

You know those butterflies of excitement and anxiety that flutter around when you're at the start line? You do know that whether it’s your first or 100th time, every rider feels those, right?!

Let’s celebrate that feeling!  We’re planning a party, and here’s why.

When you decide to take on a lofty goal or pursue a challenge that you are passionate about, you can often feel like you don’t belong and even sandbag yourself into not performing your best. Those butterflies mean you care. They mean you are right where you deserve to be. They mean something great is about to happen!

The Sugar Beets Cycling Team up in Fort Collins know this feeling all too well. As they strive to bring more women into the sport of mountain biking and bridge the gap from amateur racer to world class pro, they know when you consider a 4-day mountain bike event, you will have a ton of questions.  

  • What’s the course like? 
  • Are there any big climbs? 
  • What if I’m too slow? 
  • What should I bring on the bike with me? 
  • I’ve never ridden that far before, can I still complete it? 
  • I don’t know anyone else going, I don’t want to go alone!
  • What if.., what if.., what if..?

EVERYONE on this women’s elite mountain biking team remembers the feeling of being new or a beginner all too well. It can be scary and intimidating. The Beets want to help SMASH those fears and ELIMINATE any barriers you may have to participating. These gals want you to feel EMPOWERED to take on a challenge like Pikes Peak APEX presented by RockShox. So, our lovely Sugar Beet hostesses are inviting you to a Soiree to address your questions, quieten your fears and help you channel those butterflies into fierce determination!

Save the Date & Join Us

Sugar Beets is Hosting an APEX Soiree & Q&A

  • WHEN:
    • Date: Wednesday, July 21, 2021
    • Time:
      • 5:30 PM Wheels Down for Riding
      • 7 PM Party Time
  • WHERE:  Fort Collins, CO (Establishment TBD. We're working on it!)
  • WHAT:  Social Mountain Bike Ride with après-ride beverages, snacks and APEX Q&A
  • WHY: We want you to be empowered to take on the APEX! Plus, playing bikes and eating snacks is fun!