Rider Spotlight: Vince & Nick Schino

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Vince Schino

Vince Schino in Palmer Park | Stage 1 of The APEX

Nick Schino

We were excited when Sam was able to catch up with Vince and Nick Schino, a father-son pair who traveled from New Jersey to join us at The APEX in 2020. We have been curious about their story since hearing announcer, Dave Towle welcome them to the start line each day last September and asking how to pronounce their name.

With all of the interest we've been showing mom's lately, we thought Father's Day would be a perfect time to reciprocate, and we couldn't think of anyone more appropriate than this father and son, who traveled together from New Jersey to ride The APEX in a pandemic year. We were glad that Vince and Nick could find time to sit down and talk with us. They did not disappoint! In fact, we found them pretty inspiring, as athletes and as family.

'Old, but not dead.' That’s a favorite saying of Vince Schino, who not only runs a family business with his two sons, but also has been participating in bucket-list mountain bike events with his son, Nick, for a decade. The two started competing in triathlon together when Nick’s athletic director noticed his propensity for endurance sport. Triathlon opened the doors to mountain biking, and they soon found themselves racing Leadville 100.

Choosing a new adventure each year, the New Jersey father-son team have traveled the world with their Scott Sparks participating in Cape Epic and La Ruta. In 2020 aspirations of SBT GRVL were crushed, but Vince learned through his coach at CTS of a new challenge— Pikes Peak APEX. He sent the information to Nick, and the very next day they were signed up and planning their trip to Colorado Springs.

Listen to the inspiring stories these two tell about riding side-by-side, keeping each other in good spirits, mishaps along the way, and what they learn from each other through their adventures. Then if you can, take the kids out for a spin or invite your own father out for a bike ride. You’re never too old.