Rider Spotlight: Ryan Standish

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Ryan Standish, Stage 1 of 2020 Pikes Peak APEX

Ryan Standish, 2020 Stage 1 in Palmer Park

Ryan Standish, 2020 Stage 1 Winner

These days Ryan Standish resides in Heber City, Utah, but we caught up with him on the road last week between races in Arkansas.

Ryan has been racing bikes since 2007, although more recently the meaning is different for him. He grew up playing sports in Alice Springs, Australia, and like most of us, he learned to ride bikes with his dad. In what sounds like the perfect landscape for a future, international mountain bike racer to develop and hone his skills, Ryan's father introduced him to the sport in the Red Centre, an extraordinary landscape of desert plains, weathered mountain ranges and rocky gorges with tracks you can ride to from town, swimming holes and Simpson’s Gap, a sacred watering hole surrounded by towering cliffs.

In 2012, Ryan’s father was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Navigating this unpredictable disease with his family was scary, but Ryan found purpose with Bike MS. Monies raised from The National Multiple Sclerosis Society program fund research and critical services to fight the disease and ensure those affected can live their best lives. In 2020, Ryan raised over $6,500 and has set an even higher goal this year at $8,000! If you can help Ryan reach his goal, please donate here.

Speaking of 2020, Standish was the Stage 1 winner and finished 3rd in the inaugural Pikes Peak APEX presented by RockShox, and he's looking forward to a full year of racing in 2021.  He'll be targeting the Pro XCT series, gravel races and long-distance marathon MTB races, which of course means he's hoping to join us in Colorado Springs this September! Living each day as if tomorrow isn’t promised, Ryan enjoys the adventure bikes can bring: traveling, competing, meeting new friends, bringing more people into the sport and raising awareness for MS.

This is all just a taste. See the full interview. Will Ryan judge The Octodog Cookoff at this year's APEX? Will he and Evelyn enter the Tandem Category? Or, will he leave the sport to pursue a career on The Food Network before September? What were the highs and lows of last year's APEX? How does he fuel up? What's a pretzel Pop-Tart? (Spoiler: we're still not sure) What kind of tires? What was his experience at the first Pro XCT in Arkansas? It's all here. So, take a look.

Ryan and his dad, taken a few years ago and posted during last year's BikeMS fundraiser.


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