Rider Spotlight: Julie Powell

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Colorado Springs native, Julie Powell recently won our Strava Challenge, with the fastest climb up Mt. Herman Road – the beginning of Stage 2 leaving from the Town of Monument. Julie grew up near Palmer Park, and from the time when was 12 years old, she would often mountain bike there with her brother.  They would ride, fall off, get back on her Specialized Hard Rock and keep on pedaling. 

Trained as a nurse, Julie performs hearing and vision screenings at local school districts and loves working in the schools because of the wonderful energy kids emanate. A runner, rock climber, skier and hiker, Julie seems to crave energy, and there’s no doubt her fitness from ultra-endurance running propelled her up that Mt. Herman climb. In this interview, she offers her tips for enduring a grind of climb.  As a local, she also offers some killer recommendations for off-the-touristy-track places to see and eat in Colorado Springs.

Mountain biking means something different to everyone, and I loved speaking to Julie about what it has meant for her.  She has a wonderful insight into competition—and it isn’t the competing part. I won’t spoil it for you. Watch as this mom of three talks about learning a world-class cycling event was coming to Colorado Springs and shares a reason for you to participate.    



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