Rider Spotlight: Deanna Mayles

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Deanna Mayles Riding in the 2020 APEX

Deanna Mayles Riding in the 2020 APEX

Your suspension carries you through the roughs, over the rocks, and provides that cushy landing off the big scary rock drop. Have you ever stopped to think about how it is developed? What process takes your fork or rear shock from development to bike?Deanna Mayles

Deanna Mayles is part of that process at RockShox. As a reliability engineer she helps design the safety tests for those suspension products. A self-proclaimed data nerd, she uses statistics to meet industry standards, mitigate risks, and meet consumer expectations.

Deanna couldn’t escape the excitement around the RockShox office surrounding the The APEX last year.  More comfortable in flats than clipless pedals, she was intrigued by the 4 days of racing on familiar trails. So, at the last minute, she borrowed a more XC style bike with a SID fork and made the leap into her first race! 

Tune in to our interview with the Ohio State grad to learn more about what goes on behind-the-scenes in suspension development, what made Deanna hesitant to sign up for The APEX and how the best beer in Colorado Springs just may be found at church.