Outspoken Cyclist Podcast Interviews Micah Rice About 2020 APEX

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Diane Jenks, host and producer of The Outspoken Cyclist Podcast – one of the longest running and most popular bicycling podcasts in the industry - interviewed Micah about how The Pikes Peak APEX presented by RockShox managed to put on a 4-day stage race that offered great prize money, attract a terrific field of riders, and keep everyone safe. Thanks for reaching out to us, Diane! It was a pleasure chatting with you!

Listen to Show #522 - October 3, 2020 now.

This episode also includes an interview with FLIR systems about their technologies to detect riders at traffic signals and Devah D of Devah D Cycling, who previously pursued a career in women's semi-pro football but now enjoys a huge following for her rides and clinics in the Cleveland, Ohio area.

More about The Outspoken Cyclist

To date, there are over 500 weekly episodes with over 2,000 interviews. spanning over nine years. Topics range from advocacy and legislation to competition, books reviews, and about any topic that relates to the bicycle.

Diane was an independent bike shop owner from 1974 through 2012; the last 15 years the store fit, designed and built custom bicycles only. Clients ranged from randonneurs and cross-country riders to triathletes.

Diane has also been involved in the sport as a ride and race director, producing biathlons and a half-iron man triathlon, a 15 year tour of our Cleveland Metroparks, as well as a weekend event that traveled through the covered bridge area of NE Ohio every October for 6 years. She has conducted seminars and workshops for the bicycle industry and written for both trade and consumer publications. Diane authored first edition of The HubBub Guide To Cycling in 1997 in response to a weekend event offered in her store inviting tour guides to talk about their companies. The Guide has been updated to a digital version that is now available in its second edition on Amazon.com. She and her husband have brought several products to market for the bicycle industry including the HubBub drop bar adapter for twist grip shifters and the HubBub Helmet Mirror. She's also a certified yoga instructor at the 200 hour level and currently teaches mostly active seniors – both men and women – in a traditional Hatha Yoga style.

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