May Rider Survey Results

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Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete our rider survey. We sincerely appreciate your feedback and value your opinions. Insight into current sentiment toward cycling events is helpful to us understanding public perception of events like the Pikes Peak APEX. You can view the results below.

Please note: multiple answers to some questions caused total responses exceed 100%.

  1. How would you best describe your current riding situation?

    • 65% riding as they usually would
    • 28% getting out some, but a bit limited
    • 7% much more restricted than usual
  2. How would you best describe your cycling goals for this year?

    • 54% don’t have a goal but are planning on creating a 2020 goal when things shake out
    • 29% have a goal right now and are focused on it
    • 17% have written off 2020 completely
    • 28% are having trouble staying motivated
  3. When you start thinking about a 2020 goal, what bests describes the kind of events you would or are considering?

    • 21% no mass start events in 2020
    • 30% open to small groups under 100
    • 30% open to groups of a few hundred
    • 20% open to groups of over 1000
    • 11% open to time trial style events that allow social distancing
  4. Which best describes whether you are currently registered for any events?

    • 60% are registered for an event in 2020 currently
    • 17% are not registered for an event but will register when things clear up
    • 15% were registered for an event but it was cancelled
    • 13% will not be registering for a 2020 event
  5. If you are considering registering for an event in 2020, which best describes why are you waiting?

    • 83% are waiting for everything to sort out before putting down an entry fee
    • 12% will not register for an event in 2020
    • 20% are worried about safety at large events