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Colorado Springs COVID-19 Updates: Resources and Travel Recommendations

The APEX is proud to work with our lodging partners. Partners are offering lodging discounts to participants and properties are located within a short drive of downtown Colorado Springs, as well as each stage of the event.

Buffalo Lodge Bicycle Resort
Buffalo Lodge Bicycle Resort
2 El Paso Boulevard
Colorado Springs, CO 80904


Official Lodging Partner

APEX participants are eligible to receive 50% off Signature Rooms or 25% off Standard Rooms. The offer is valid for direct bookings only. To book, click the link below or call with promo code APEX21. Rate valid from September 20 through 30, 2021. Availability is limited to 40 rooms.

Buffalo Lodge is nestled into a neighborhood on the edge of Garden of the Gods. It's the perfect place to stay during the event and quickly became a favorite spot for riders in our inaugural year. APEX participants gave owner, Torie Giffin and her team RAVE reviews!

Buffalo Lodge Bicycle Resort
2020 Women's Overall Third Place Winner Rose Grant
Buffalo Lodge Bicycle Resort
2020 Men's Overall Third Place Winner Robbie Day













Torie welcomes the 2020 APEX and talks about what they have been doing to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

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Listen as podcast host, Buffalo Lodge Bicycle Resort owner and self-appointed ambassador for cycling in the Springs, Torie Giffin, interviews Micah Rice about The APEX

Buffalo Lodge Bicycle Resort
Torie, with her mom and 96 year old grandmother at 2020 Stage 2 Finish

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