Kids Activities

Kids Activities by Kids on Bikes

Saturday, September 25, 2021

From 8:30 AM

During Saturday’s Stage 3 activities at America the Beautiful Park, Kids on Bikes will offer free activities as well as a mountain bike clinic during the race.

Free activities include a pump track as well as a family Pop Cycle ride. Learn more about free activities on Saturday.

The mountain bike clinic will offer a great opportunity for kids to stay active while parents are participating or volunteering in The APEX.

For those traveling to Colorado Springs, Kids on Bikes may be able to provide a loaner bike/helmet for kids who don’t have their own while in town. When signing up, you can find this option under both the “Beginner/Intermediate” and “Intermediate/Advanced Mountain Biking” on the registration page.

Shortly after the riders are off, campers will head the same direction to Bear Creek Park via urban bike paths and then spend the day working on mountain bike skills and riding the trails. It is expected campers will break into at least two groups, one more beginner oriented (but still mountain biking), and one more intermediate to advanced (able to ride blue/black rated trails).

Parent volunteers are always welcome as well, and we can provide a free entry (for the clinic, not the race), if you are able to help during the ride! Register or learn more about the camp.

Kids on Bikes Brings Skills Clinics & MTB Camp to The APEX
Kids on Bikes Activities at The APEX
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