Introducing The APEX Podcast

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It's official. We have launched our podcast!

And, yes. We know there are plenty of great podcasts out there already. BUT, we hope you find time to subscribe and listen. We are excited about this new forum to capture rider stories, and we look forward to sharing.

Currently, listeners can subscribe and listen on Spotify and Apple. We are also in the process of increasing distribution and posting each podcast to YouTube. Look for more announcements in the coming days. Meanwhile, check out our trailer and first episode out today.

The APEX takes listeners on a journey to meet riders and hear their experiences - on and off the bike. Host John Croom sits down for a new story each episode and even spills on the occasional inside tip about courses or how to prepare for the 4-day MTB challenge.

Welcome to the first episode of The APEX where John sits down with local challenger and racer Missy Ross. We chat with Missy on her goals for 2022 and some tips and tricks she learned from riding in 2021!

We'll release a new episode every other week. Look for our next on April 19th, 2022.