How Running Events Will Integrate Into The APEX

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Pikes Peak APEX

What we're doing to ensure the best experience for riders and runners this September

Pikes Peak Outdoor Recreation Alliance supports outdoor recreation and is a fan of groups that use and support the regions' trails. We believe trail runners and mountain bikers have a lot in common, and we are excited to expand Pikes Peak APEX to include a run on the final day. Our team is carefully planning the day's activities so that we can ensure the best possible experience for both mountain bikers and runners. 

The 4 Day MTB Challenge anchors The APEX, and we only want to elevate rider experience from year to year. The runs will be designed to add to the event, not take away from the experience riders have come to expect.

Runs have been scheduled as follows.

  1. Runs are scheduled for the final day of The APEX - Sunday, September 25, 2022.
  2. Runners  are offered three distance options: 46k Ultra, 10k and 5k.
  3. Start times are pending final determination of courses.
  4. More information about the runs can be found here.

We are taking the following steps to ensure the best possible experience for riders and runners.

  1. We have expanded our event team to include separate race directors, so that each can focus on the best possible experience for their athletes.
  2. The Sunday course will use some of the same trails as in previous years, but changes will be made to ensure runners and bikers are not on course together. We are currently working to add the new Daniel’s Pass/Sweetwater Canyon trail to replace the previous section that riders rode twice down Captain Jacks.  
  3. Riders will start first and be allowed plenty of time to get a head start and ensure the fastest Ultra runners have a clear trail
  4. 5k and 10k will start and finish before the first riders are back, having no impact on riders and Ultra runners

As riders and Ultra runners finish back at The APEX Outdoor Festival & Expo, they will  be invited to join The APEX Awards & After Party. We'll have food and beer waiting, and everyone can enjoy the podium ceremony. Yes—trail runners and mountain bikers will be allowed to give each other high-fives on conquering The APEX!

Anyone with questions is encouraged to reach out for more information.