Emily & Kerry Werners’ Not-so-Outsider Perspective on Where to Eat in COS

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Emily & Kerry Enjoyed Salvadoran Eats and Creamy Treats During Their Stay

When you choose a vacation location, whether it involves a multi-day mountain bike event or not, knowing the best places to indulge in the local scene is paramount! Emily and Kerry Werner, cyclo-cross power couple, arrived in Colorado Springs about a month prior to last year’s APEX. They spent time acclimating to the altitude, safely socializing with friends and riding the Colorado Trail. As former residents of the area and given their time to roam and get reacquainted, I asked their opinions about some hidden gems where others might want to dine and delight.

Kerry revealed, “We didn’t go out in town because of COVID, but we did do some takeaway. We went to a place in Old Colorado City quite a few times--the Pupuseria.”

Reminiscing about plantains and a Salvadoran vibe, the Werner’s explained, Monse’s Pupuseria quickly became the favorite dinner spot during their stay. The small business offers authentic El Salvadoran comfort food, where everything is home-made locally and 100 percent gluten-free. A recommended must-try is their specialty –pupusas —small round corncakes stuffed with savory fillings from roasted pueblo chile and cheese to potato and mushroom vegan varieties.

When chatting about restaurants, Emily laughed and said “I love Josh and John’s ice cream, and we went there quite regularly. I discovered a Scoopy Snack, which is a cone for your dog.” Looks like Sherman Shields loved it just as much as Emily!

Bringing east coast-style ice cream to Colorado, the locally owned business uses local ingredients and has 3 locations in the Springs and 1 in Fort Collins. With flavors like Purple Mountains Majesty and Moose on the Loose made locally in the “Churn Barn,” you will want to put Josh and John’s atop your must-treat list.

With most races canceled in 2020, and ‘cross only happening in Europe, Emily and Kerry definitely made the most out of their time in Colorado Springs. While they were here, riding and revisiting some of their favorite trails offered something new. “I thought the race was just so cool because I’d never been up Rampart Range.” Emily’s must-see viewpoint was last year’s Day 2 highlight. “It was just so pretty riding around the lake, and the entire time we lived there, I’d never gone up there.“ For those not familiar with the area, Rampart Reservoir sits up approximately 9,000 feet in elevation atop a granite plateau. In addition to mountain biking or hiking the 13-mile trail around the lake, the area is also popular for fishing, kayaking and paddle boarding.  

CX season permitting, we hope to see Kerry and Emily back in the fall enjoying more of our local favorites. Where will you be eating in September?

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