Catching Up With Olympian Todd Wells about Life and the APEX

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Todd Wells We’re elated to have 3-time Olympian, Todd Wells to be joining us at the 2020 Pikes Peak APEX presented by RockShox.  We caught up to check in with and see what he’s been up to since retiring in 2017.

APEX: Since retiring in 2017, you’ve still done your fair share of racing. What goes into selecting the races you attend  these days and what drew you to racing the APEX?

Todd: Now that I’m retired, have a kid in school and a real job I have to pick my races based more on family schedule and proximity to Durango more then anything. I have to be able to drive there and it can’t be too big of a trip. It typically has to work around the school schedule and when someone can cover for me in the office.  The hardest part is training for the race because with my job as a mortgage broker I can’t control when I get busy and people want to buy or refi their home. As an athlete we plan everything, now I can’t plan anything. I have always enjoyed racing in Colorado Springs and I’m looking forward to getting out for some big rides. One of the first races  I did when I moved to Colorado 25 years ago was a CORPS race in the Springs. We went way out into the mountains and the riding was awesome. I couldn’t tell you where it was but I just remember thinking this is amazing. I’m hoping the APEX delivers some of that.

APEX: What does the day in the life of Todd Wells look like since stepping away from full time racing?

Todd: Phew, no two days are the same that's for sure. We wake up at 6:45 for school and I either go into work or try to get out for an early ride while the trails are still frozen or a quick run. Then I'm typically in the office working or meeting or with people (Todd is a broker at Sinberg Capital Lending--ed). In the past I tried to avoid lunch but now it's a big part of my day. It's a great time to see everyone around town, network with realtors and meet with clients. Then it's back to work and if I haven't gotten out for a ride yet I try to get out so I can be home to spend time with my son Cooper since he gets out of school at 2:45. We usually go for a ride, play monster trucks or just hang out until dinner. I usually jump on the computer to take care of any loose ends for the day and catch up on emails. Then it's dinner, board games and Fuller House before bed. The days are filled but there are times when work is light, and I can get out for some good rides during the day. There are times when work gets slow (less and less now) that I feel like my old self and am able to do some good training.