Bike Shipping

The APEX is proud to partner with BikeFlights for shipping and Elevation Wheel Company for assembly.

Shipping Your Bike to Colorado Springs

BikeFlights will ensure your bike, wheels and gear receive the highest level of monitoring on their way to and from Colorado Springs. Click below to learn more or ship now using The APEX event guide created by BikeFlights with pre-populated shipping dates and ship-to locations, including partner bike shop, Elevation Wheel Company, and lodging partner, Bicycle Lodge Buffalo Resort.

Ship Your Bike to Colorado Springs


Bike Assembly & Service

Elevation Wheel Company is available to receive, assemble, deliver, pickup, disassemble and return bikes for APEX participants at a special rate of $150, $30 off the standard rate of $180. A full list of services can be found at

To arrange services, contact Elevation Wheel Company prior to shipping, and let them know to expect your bike and discuss specific instructions. When scheduling shipping, please ensure your bike is received no later September 16, 2022. Call 719.428.5861 or click below to email Chris Murray

Email Elevation Wheel Company