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This issue features video with Course Director, Daniel Matheny who finally makes his debut on the podcast. If you’ve been waiting for a peek into the 2022 APEX, this is for you. The special episode features John doing a deep dive into the courses. Listen in as he talks through the stages with Daniel and Brian Peck, who is returning for his second APEX and recently rode these courses at APEX Endurance Camp. Jim Rutberg also weighs in on the choice between hydration packs and water bottles. Check it out.

This issue features John catching up with Finsty, who will be searching for the win at his hometown race next month. They chat about recent events including that Leadville wheel explosion on Columbine and the feed zone drama at SBT GRVL. Hear why Finsty is looking forward to his first true mountain bike race this year. The home town legend knows the region's trails like the back of his hand, and he's looking forward to ripping some singletrack in a 'proper mountain bike race'. The 2020 overall winner has some advice for riders coming to The APEX. Listen in for it and why he's looking forward to a fun 4 days of racing.

Keith Munch will be running in the APEX 50K next month WITH his wife and son. Read his amazing story, as he tells Aravaipa how running saved his life. Keith looked at his past life as one not worth living, with 18 years of alcoholism, obesity, judgment and  groupthink. This transplant from Arizona to Colorado is now running in events like the  Mogollon Monster 100M and the inaugural Royal Gorge Groove 60.

Jim Rutberg has a guide on how to make the best use of our aid stations. Read more.

Listen to the latest episode featuring Aravaipa Running founder, Jamil Coury. We're working with Jamil and Aravaipa to bring running to Pikes Peak APEX this year. John sits down to learn more about the partnership and get to know Jamil as a person and an athlete. The result? Even John is crushing on this renaissance man. Ultra running phenom. Successful business owner & serial entrepreneur. John also chats with Brevard College junior Nina Machnowski. John caught up with her in Colorado when she was preparing for her first Leadville 100 - which she's using to prep for her first Pikes Peak APEX next month. Jim Rutberg also reached out to presenting sponsor RockShox for the suspension tips. Check it out.

We share the first KOAA News 5 segment following Sean Warner as he prepares for The APEX. Jim Rutberg has a Mountain Bike Road Trip Planning Guide for road trippers. Morgan Weinberg, took to the trails to preview a section of the 50K course for The Pikes Peak APEX Run. And more in the latest issue. Read this issue.

The APEX podcast host John Croom talks to Justin Martin in the latest episode. Jim Rutberg has a bike and tire guide for riders. Emily Werner offers some tips for pre-stage meals. We reveal the course for Stage 2 presented by Assos USA and tell you the latest about what you'll see at the festival & expo in September. Read this issue.

Latest ep of The APEX podcast features 60+ challenger and adventurer Win Van Pelt. Readers are invited to watch as John chats with Win about his stories, goals and bucket list races. Jim Rutberg offers a guide on packing and shipping or flying with a mountain bike. Emily Werner has recovery tips to get you through The APEX. The 50K course for The Pikes Peak APEX Run is revealed. And a lot more in the latest issue. Read this issue.

Course revealed for Stage 4 presented by Heuberger Motors. John Croom catches up with Evenly Dong in the latest ep of The APEX podcast. Jim Rutberg tells riders how to pace for The APEX and other MTB stage races. Emily Werner talks about the importance of hydration when planning for optimal performance. A sneak peek at live music for The APEX Outdoor Festival & Expo and more. Read this issue.

The 5th episode of The APEX podcast features a chat with Lex Albrecht. She and John chat about what she's up to these days and her focus on off road, including The APEX this September. Jim Rutberg tells us how to stay at the top of our game for 4 days of The APEX. We offer a glimpse into prizes for the Age Group categories and a look at the schedule for The APEX Outdoor Festival & Expo on Sunday, September 25th. Read all of this and more in this issue.

This issue features announcements about the latest episode of The APEX podcast, where John sits down for a chat with Ryan Standish. He'll be back for 2022 and hear what else he's been up to. We also hear from Emily Werner about an upcoming nutrition presentation for The APEX you won't want to miss. More news about registration for 1-Day Options - it's open. Sign up for 2022 now. And, there's some good advice on trail-side repairs from when Jim Rutberg reached out to Chris Murray of Elevation Wheel Company for tips. Read this issue.


See the latest issue which announces the latest pod drop where John sits down with coach and former pro, Robert Mayfield. Jim Rutberg gives an etiquette lesson on sharing the trails. And more in the latest APEX News & Updates. Read this issue.

Today we're announcing our first course reveal for 2022. Subscribers get a peek at our latest rider interview in the newest episode of The APEX Podcast. We explain how we'll integrate running events into The APEX this September. Jim Rutberg offers tips to help athletes hone their mental skills before big events. AND several big announcements this week are all in the latest issue of APEX News & Updates. Read this issue.


The launch of The APEX podcast made for exciting news this week. Be sure to get all of the details and subscribe to hear the latest episodes as they are released. This week we also shared a very helpful piece from Jim Rutberg to help riders know what to expect: Packing for The APEX: What to Bring on Your Ride. We also featured more details on APEX Endurance Camp and information for those traveling into Colorado Springs for The APEX. Read this issue.

This issue is all about APEX Endurance Camp in June on the slopes of Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs! Come train on the foothills of America's Mountain. Located at 6,200', Olympic City, USA sits at the perfect elevation for altitude training and offers world-class trails with great access and amazing views from Colorado's backcountry. If you are preparing for The APEX in September or have another gravel or MTB event on your calendar, consider this as part of your training strategy. See all of the details in this issue.

If you've signed up or are thinking about signing up for The APEX, you may be thinking about how to prepare. Learn how APEX Course Director Daniel Matheny will lead a team of professional coaches at APEX Endurance Camp who can help you get ready for September. For anyone traveling in for The APEX we have all of the details about bike shipping and assemble. Get the code for 50% off last year's merch and more in the latest APEX News & Updates. Read this issue.

New video released today with over 25 APEX riders - pros and amateurs - interviewed abot 2021 APEX. Micah Rice tells riders what to expect in a video Q&A. USA Today readers choose Colorado Springs'U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Museum as a Best New Attraction. Announcements, deadlines and more. Read this issue.

Course descriptions are out! On Day 1, expect a challenging mix of singletrack on grippy sandstone with smooth double track areas intermittently spaced for passing over an approximate single +/-10 mile loop. OutThere Colorado feaures the event: $50,000 prize purse up for mountain bike event in Colorado. Sports Travel magazine reports: Tuesday morning at USA Cycling headquarters, before announcing “the largest mountain bike race Colorado Springs has ever seen,” Micah Rice was roaming the room, at one point stopping to shake hands...Read this issue.

Cannondale documented Alex Howes and Lachlan Morton having ‘pure fun’ in Colorado Springs. Check out their video in this issue. Also new, we explore 2022 routes. 2022 registration is open now and Early Bird Rate allows riders to save $100 if they register by January 31st. Dates are set for 2022 APEX Endurance Camp, and we look forward to welcoming riders to Olympic City, USA July 21st through 24th. All this and more in the latest APEX News & Updates. Read this issue.

Big announcements in this issue. Registration Opens Dec 1. Black Friday Sale Starts Wednesday with discounts on all APEX Gear. Pre-ordered jerseys are in, and shipping from Assos. All this and more in the latest APEX News & Updates. Read this issue.

Check out Syd & Macky APEX Vlog documenting Syd's ride at The APEX. We also asked for rider and volunteer feedback in this issue and recognized volunteers who joined us at Adventures Out West last week. We have THE BEST volunteers and it was A BLAST seeing them have fun on the ziplines. Also in this issue UCCS Department of Human Physiology and Nutrition presents The Science of the Tour de France. All this and more in the latest APEX News & Updates. Read this issue.

This issue features our 2021 stage recap videos from Access Media Group and rider photo gallery provided courtesy of Chris Murray from Elevation Wheels, who captured every rider. We also announce news of our Volunteer Appreciation Party and request feedback from riders and volunteers at the event. Also in this issue a winner recap. The Pro/Open Category paid out 15 deep to each the top men and top women. The Top 3 Men and Women were pictured. We congratulated Age Group winners as well, who received product prizes, including new SID forks! All this and more in the latest APEX News & Updates. Read this issue.

Get ready! This is race week, and here's what you need to know! Sam catches up with Alex Gauthier to learn more about the Subaru Support Riders on course to help  you at The APEX. See the full event schedule and updates about The APEX Outdoor Festival & Expo. Download the 2021 Ride Guide with maps and course details. Find out what you need to know for packet pick up, and more in this issue. Read this issue.

Less than two weeks to register for The APEX! This issue updates riders on events and courses. For anyone not registered yet, CTS offers 5 Reasons to Ride The APEX. Watch some awesome course video of the Gold Camp climb. Read the latest updates about the Outdoor Festival & Expo. Check out the latest episode of The Beet and meet Bobbi Kae and Lisa as they prepare to take riders on an Off-road Fun Ride. Read this issue.

The APEX is coming up in less than a month. We have a lot of updates for you this issue. Explore 1-day options to ride if you're not up to all 4 days. Check out the activities at the APEX Outdoor Festival & Expo - there's plenty to do for cyclists and non-cyclists. Watch the latest Rider Spotlight with Julie Powell and Read 5 Reasons to Volunteer at The APEX. Read this issue.


Today, we reveal the final course: Stage 4 presented by Norwood Development. Also in this issue, Sam interviews Nick Gould for our Rider Spotlight and catches up with Kids on Bikes Camp Manager Mark Schenberger to learn more about what to expect when they join us at the APEX Outdoor Festival & Expo on Saturday the 25th. Chris Carmichael has some advice for riders about how to eat and drink for The APEX. As always we cover things to do in Colorado Springs as well as other announcements. Read it all here.

Today's newsletter features our latest Rider Spotlight with Andrew Morris, a junior rider from Fort Collins who's one to watch. We also have the latest episode from The BEET in our Training Tips. Another helpful tip is some pro insight from CTS about the terrain in Colorado Springs. We also focus on the 8 most common fears riders have about The APEX and how to calm all of them. Some planning advice for what to do while you're in town for The APEX and a message about RESPECT for the outdoors and other recreational users from PPORA. Plus, we have the latest updates and announcements. Read all of it here.



With less than 3 months until the 2021 APEX, we're getting pretty busy and have lots of information for you in this issue! Today's newsletter features Sugar Beets in our Rider Spotlight. We get the 411 from Daniel on Endurance Camp in a newly released video. Big announcement this week about activities for kids at The APEX. This is something we've had requests for, and we're thrilled to work with Kids on Bikes to launch skills clinics and MTB Camp for kids. We also announce the Sugar Beets APEX Soiree in Fort Collins next month, update everyone on The Hunt and share some deadlines for jerseys and registration. Read this issue.

HUGE news day with LOTS of new video! For Father's Day, we interviewed Vince & Nick Schino, a father-son team from New Jersey who rode in The APEX. Well, we loved them, and this is a must see video! Great insight from Chris Carmichael about understanding and dealing with the altitude in Colorado Springs. Excellent video with tips about hydration in The BEET. RockShox brings us a video with 3 tips to make sure our bikes are ready for September. We joined with ASSOS USA to announce The Hunt today, the annual scavenger hunt for ASSOS prizes. There's a party this weekend and you're invited to celebrate 5 years of Buffalo Lodge Bicycle Resort, and much more! Read this issue.

Today we have an update on 2021 in our video chat with Course Director, Daniel Matheny. We also announce big news: APEX Endurance Camp coming this summer offers an opportunity to preview the courses and sharpen riding skills. We have a one-on-one video chat with Robbie Day, 2nd overall finisher last year and rising superstar! We share good news about the progress of the contribution APEX is making to trail stewardship. Polls, event announcements and more. Read this issue.

This is a PACKED edition of APEX News & Updates! Let's start with our Rider Spotlight, featuring a video chat with Rose Grant. We also announce and congratulate the winners of the 2021 Pikes Peak APEX Strava Challange, show you a preview of what to expect in Stage 1 - the prologue in Palmer Park, encourage you to set 3 goals now for September's APEX using CTS training and nutrition tools especially for The APEX, share our most recent episode of The BEET with single mom and pro biker, Anna Kelso, introduce you to an amazing video of the build of the Pikes Peak Visitors Center by GE Johnson, pass on the latest podcast from CTS TrainRight featuring our own Micah Rice, quiz you with poll questions and much more. Read this issue.

Chris Carmichael joins us in a video chat for our latest Rider Spotlight. We have an update for you on the 2021 Strava Challenge. We dig deeper into overcoming barriers to women participating in events like The APEX and take a look at how to overcome the childcare barrier. Visit Colorado Springs shows us 5 Must-dos for Cycling Enthusiasts, we get a look at a spectacular video from RMFI, share the latest about a pump track project for your riders in COS introduce our latest polls and much more. Read this issue.

The 2021 Strava Challenge begins today, and we have all of the details in this newsletter. Also, look for our Rider Spotlight 1 on 1 with Ryan Standish, last year's Stage 1 winner and 3rd place Men's GC Finisher. We introduce The BEET today and get APEX insight from Sugar Beet, Celeste Cannon, who's also 2020 APEX 2nd place finisher in the Women’s 40+ category and the two-time reigning Colorado State XC Champion. In 'Crashing Through Barriers to Entry,' we explore how to inspire women to become involved. We share news from Centura Health, the latest polls and debut the 2021 Race Jersey by ASSOS. Read this issue.



We reveal the third course for 2021 in today's newsletter. Plus, you'll find our video chat with Evenly Dong, Stage 2 winner and 2nd place overall winner of the 2020 APEX. We also break down how cash and prizes will be awarded in 2021, share some tips to overcome ragged breathing and take a look at 13 myths about Colorado Springs investigated by Visit Colorado Springs, premiere new video and the latest polls. Read this issue.

SO MUCH NEWS TODAY! Brand new course revealed for Stage 2 this year. We catch up with Centura Health's Craig Elder for a behind the scenes look at how his team keeps us safe at The APEX. Rider Spotlight features an interview with Deanna Mayles, RockShox Reliability Engineer who decided to race in her first ever race last year and came in tenth. Not bad, Deanna! We also share some training tips from Daniel Matheny, exciting sponsor news about GE Johnson and Athletic Brewing Company and the latest polls and more. Read this issue.

This issue includes the first course reveal for the 2021 APEX. We also have a video chat with overall winner Russell Finsterwald, get tips on warming up inside to save energy outside, celebrate International Women's Day and learn where Emily & Kerry Werner like to eat when they're in Colorado Springs. And more, including latest polls. Read this issue.

In this issue's Rider Spotlight we catch up with Chloe Woodruff, 1st Place Winner of the 2020 APEX, in Phoenix. We video chat with her about The APEX, bringing more women to the sport and much more. We get advice on offseason training from our Course Director, Daniel Matheny and review a 2020 APEX Q&A with Micah Rice, showing us what to expect at the event. Read this and more in the latest issue.

Good news for APEX and fall events! Dr. Michael Roshon told VeloNews the distribution timeline of the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines will better position fall events to operate safely, providing local infection rates fall as expected. Poll results for LEAST FAVORITE course are in + take our latest poll on how COVID-19 is affecting your decision to register for events. Read this issue.

Latest poll results reveal everyone’s favorite 2020 courses. Now we’re asking you to tell us your LEAST favorite. Check out discounts from 2021 lodging partner Buffalo Lodge Bicycle Resort and start planning! Cold weather riding tips and Colorado's summer bike race schedule all in this issue. Read it now.

When registration opened for the 2021, Tom Turney was the first to sign up. Russell Finsterwald, Men's Overall Winner for 2020, reached out to welcome him and ask what's he's looking forward to at this year's event. Looking for off season training ideas? If you're located in the Colorado Springs area, the Manitou Incline is a popuplar place for cyclists to train in the off season. Let us know your favorite 2020 course. We're working on 2021 courses and want to know ones to bring back! Read this issue.

This latest issue brings you our warmest holiday wishes along with a reminder that Early Bird pricing will end on New Year's Eve. Also, we are excited to welcome The Warner Group as a Founding Sponsor and share some exciting projects happening in Olympic City USA. See it all in the latest news from Pikes Peak APEX presented by RockShox. Read this issue.

This issue spotlights the work of CMTRA, one of the volunteer organizations responsible for helping keep the race safe and everyone on the route. We share a list of Colorado races published by Circa Real Estate Group, a Founding Sponsor of The APEX. If you're planning your 2021 race season, check these out. Visit Colorado Springs lists the top 5 of 55 exciting things to do and see in Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak region. See favorite gift ideas from RockShox and find something for every rider on your list. We share a video from the September APEX posted by Chris Murray featuring GoPro clips from Daniel Matheny and ask others send their videos and photos you'd like to share. All of this and more can be seen here, in the latest issue.

New video from The APEX! Access Media Group just delivered our recap video from the 2020 Pikes Peak APEX presented by RockShox. Check it out, and let us know what you think! A Challenge for COS locals: 50 days + 50 Ways. PPORA has already spent $6,000 for trail work in Palmer Park with thousands more to be spent next summer and more...Read this issue.

Today marks 4 weeks since the 2020 Pikes Peak APEX presented by RockShox. Nate Pearson, TrainerRoad CEO, joined us in Colorado Springs! Listen to him recount his experience in his podcast. Plus, listen as Diane Jenks, host and producer of The Outspoken Cyclist Podcast interviews race director, Micah Rice about the race. Read this and more in this issue.


This issue is all about the 2020 Pikes Peak APEX presented by RockShox. Amazing stage-by-stage video recaps, APEX After Party virtual event, rider photo gallery, photo extras and a special thank you to everyone involved with making the event a success. Read this issue.

We're counting down the hours until The 2020 Pikes Peak APEX! This newsletter will be the last before the event and has the final details. The last map is out. See Stage 1 and download the GPX file. Also, check out a fun video from our friends at RockShox - the presenting sponsors of The Pikes Peak APEX. Read the Tech Guide, and get a friendly welcome form Visit Colorado Springs. All in this issue. Read this issue.

We couldn't premiere an epic race without the voice of Dave Towle. Read about how thrilled we are to get back to racing with this cycling legend. See the map & download the GPX file for Stage 4, presented by LART. Visit Colorado Springs welcomes riders to Olympic City USA and shows us some great things to do, plus the new dining epicenter in downtown Colorado Springs. Read this issue.

Maps are out for Stages 2 and 3. Check them out and download the GPX files. The APEX interviews 2x XTERRA World Champion Bradley Weiss about being stuck in Boulder, far from his home in South Africa during the outbreak of COVID-19 and his decision to join us in September. Watch the welcome video from Buffalo Lodge Bicycle Resort as Torie and her team welcome APEX riders, show us around the Lodge and explain what they are doing to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Read this issue.


3rd in 3-part video + blog series from Heuberger Subaru: Coach and Course Director, Daniel Matheny shows us what to expect during The Prologue Stage of The APEX. Local IMBA Chapter, Medicine Wheel Trail Advocates gives us a list of the regions Top 5 Trails to ride when you're in Colorado Springs. The United States Olympic & Paralympic Museum has opened, and here are the Top 5 Reasons to go check it out while you're here. APEX Poll Question: If you're familiar with COS trails, what's your favorite? Read this issue.

2nd in 3-part video + blog series from Heuberger Subaru: Micah explains what to expect on Day 1. Circa Group releases another in-depth course preview: Day 3 Gold Camp & Pipeline. VeloNews asks Dr. Michael Roshon about The APEX COVID-19 Response. We look at how Telluride100 pioneers MTB events in pandemic and serves as precursor to APEX. APEX Poll Question: If you're considering The APEX, what is the main reason you haven’t registered? Read this issue.



This issue is packed with good information! Heuberger Subaru brings the first in a 3-part series of blog posts, this one featuring Micah Rice, Eric Fossell, and Lacey Rivette talking bike selection for The APEX. We release the latest rider survey results. How to eat and drink for The APEX is covered in a nutrition plan by CTS and we share the latest CTS TrainRight Podcast podcast featuring Ayesha McGowan and her journey to become the first African American female pro cyclist. We suggest 5 Colorado Springs breweries you can't miss. Read this issue.

This newsletter is packed with news about The APEX! Sugar Beets host the Pikes Peak APEX Soiree tonight. We're following up with a few more questions for riders in the our latest rider survey. There's a great article with videos on 5 places to eat after The APEX and we've wrapped up The Hunt presented by ASSOS USA and Pikes Peak APEX with 10 winners and 12 great ASSOS prizes! Read this issue.

This issue announces The APEX Training Plan. We are proud to partner with CTS and Training Peaks to deliver a COMPLIMENTARY 10-week training plan to prepare riders for the demands of our 4-day mountain bike challenge. Also, for out-of-towners, we focus on some winning recommendations on where to stay and 4 things to do while in town! Read this issue.

Announcing The Hunt pb Pikes Peak APEX and ASSOS USA, a 2-week scavenger hunt that will take you on some of the most iconic mountain bike trails in North America, where you will search for prizes hidden by some of the world’s top cycling athletes. Plus, the latest updates about COVID-19 and an interview with military veteran Tracy Crowell  to hear how she’s preparing for the APEX, her first endurance stage race. Read this issue. 

This issue is FULL of APEX news! Rider Survey results are published. Rampart Range Road Strava Challenge winners are announced. And, we release a video Q&A with Micah Rice, Executive Director of the Pikes Peak APEX and VP of Event Strategy and Operations for Sports Strategies  Read this issue.

We want to know what you think! Riders, please take a few seconds to complete our survey. Also in this issue, we have an update on the Rampart Range Road Strava Challenge - Finn Gullickson and Katie Regan are in the lead, plus we share our favorite rider recap from Instagram. Read this issue.

The Pikes Peak APEX presented by RockShox is excited to announce the Pikes Peak APEX Strava Challenge! Locals compete for the best times on the Rampart Range Rd segment. Non-locals compete to guess the best times. Winners receive complimentary entries to the Pikes Peak APEX. Also, in this issue we share good news from People for Bikes and announce the opening of the volunteer portal. Read this issue.

COVID-19: Adversity or Opportunity? Get training tips from Daniel Matheny, Course Director for the Pikes Peak APEX, presented by RockShox. See his video chat here. Daniel, a multi-time national champion and full-time coach, shares insights to stay motivated during the COVID-19 outbreak and restructure your season around the changing race calendar. Also, in this issue learn how to support cycling from home. Read this issue.

We reached out to some pros and asked them how they are staying motivated while they’re inside or isolated during the Coronavirus outbreak. They had great ideas and videos to help us get through, and even make the most of this time. Also, see the latest updates on the impact of the Coronavirus. Read this issue.

Yes, the APEX offers the 2nd largest prize purse in North America! But, do you know what makes the payout unique? EVERYONE who enters is eligible to win the prize money. It is not reserved for the pros! All riders start in one wave, with all categories starting at the same time. Finishes will be sorted by timing chip. The top 25 male and top 25 female finishers will split the $50,000 prize purse. $25,000 will go to the top 25 female finishers and $25,000 to the top male finishes – all based on overall time for the 4-day event, regardless of age group. Read this issue.

Have you Heard this this Podcast All About Pikes Peak APEX? Representatives from the Pikes Peak APEX, RockShox, and the local IMBA organization, Medicine Wheel Trail Advocates talk about what it takes to put on this large-scale mountain bike event. Hear why these groups teamed up to create the largest event Colorado’s Front Range has ever seen and their plan to give back to the trail system they all love. The APEX Offers the Second Largest MTB Prize Purse in North America, with over $50,000 Cash PLUS Age Category Prizes will be Awarded. The prize purse grand total of $50,000 will be split between overall winners in the Men's and Women's categories. Each category will receive $25,000, to be awarded to the top 25 overall finishers, regardless of age group. Day 2, Rampart Range Road to Start at Garden of the Gods Trading Post. With 50 miles and 5,175 feet of elevation, Day 2 starts from the Garden of the Gods Trading Post and heads up one of the area's most popular dirt climbs, Rampart Range Road. After an amazing autumn ride, riders will coast back down to iconic views of the Garden of the Gods and back to the start line. Food and beer, available at their lunch bistro, and the welcoming environment of the backyard patio make the Trading Post a perfect venue to share post-race stories! Read this issue.

We're headed to Tucson! If you're going to 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo, be sure to find Pikes Peak APEX Executive Director, Micah Rice! Come by, and see him for exclusive Epic Rides hook-ups! Look for our tent across from Canyon Bicycles. GE Johnson, another Colorado-based company to support the Pikes Peak APEX presented by RockShox. GE Johnson is a commercial construction firm with a portfolio that includes hospitals, schools, and office/mixed use, and the Pikes Peak Summit Complex. We’re excited that Russell Finsterwald, current Marathon MTB National Champion will be racing in September. We caught up with him down in Tucson and talked about the APEX. Read this issue.

Bicycling Magazine Names APEX in featured article covering 'Mountain Bike Races You Should Seriously Consider Entering in 2020.' The APEX was the only first-year event named in the Hearst Media publication.Pikes Peak APEX announces Heuberger Subaru as a Founding Partner. We Caught Up with Olympian Todd Wells to Talk Post-retirement Life and the APEX. Read this issue.

Getting ready for September, with only 255 days until we see you at the Pikes Peak APEX presented by RockShox, we're releasing our new video to give you a taste of what to expect. CTS joined Sports Strategies to announce a partnership between the industry-leading coaching company and the inaugural Pikes Peak APEX. Published in the Colorado Springs Business Journal, Micah Rice, who has high hopes for “the largest mountain bike race Colorado Springs has ever seen,” disucsses what the 4-day endruance event will mean the city of Colorado Springs and the local cyclists who enjoy trails there. Read this issue.

Look for Big Names in September! Quickly gaining traction with champion athletes, the Pikes Peak APEX presented by RockShox announces an impressive and growing list of registrants. Early registrations already include National Champions and Olympians. Courses envisioned for large-scale mountain bike race in Colorado Springs. Latest coverage by Seth Boster of The Gazette has a set of proposed courses designed to entice resident aficionados and unaware visitors alike. While awaiting approval from the U.S. Forest Service and other land managers, the Pikes Peak Apex’s executive director, Micah Rice, has unveiled concepts for the four-day event set for Sept 24-27. Have you seen the jersey? The APEX Custom Jersey created by ASSOS for the Pikes Peak APEX presented by RockShox is now available now for pre-purchase. Check it out! Read this issue.

Course descriptions are out! On Day 1, expect a challenging mix of singletrack on grippy sandstone with smooth double track areas intermittently spaced for passing over an approximate single +/-10 mile loop. OutThere Colorado feaures the event: $50,000 prize purse up for mountain bike event in Colorado. Sports Travel magazine reports: Tuesday morning at USA Cycling headquarters, before announcing “the largest mountain bike race Colorado Springs has ever seen,” Micah Rice was roaming the room, at one point stopping to shake hands...Read this issue.