8 Fears about The APEX & How to Calm Them

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Palmer Park

We hear some hesitations out there, and we have the solutions to calm those fears.

We're roughly two months away from the 2021 edition of the Pikes Peak APEX presented by RockShox, and we don’t want you to miss out! 

Hesitation #1

“I can’t take that much time off work.” 

The Calming Solution

The APEX offers one-day registration options!  You can skive off work on Thursday to experience Palmer Park without the usual spider-webby navigational madness.  Ride Saturday for the breathtaking views up Gold Camp Road and exhilarating descent down the infamous Captain Jacks. 

Hesitation #2

“I don’t think I can ride 4 days in a row!”

The Calming Solution

Yes. You. Can.  If you are riding a few days a week right now, you will be just fine.  If you are only riding on the weekends, try to get at least one more ride in during the week. Make a hydration and nutrition plan and stick to it during the event.  If you nail that goal you will set yourself up nicely for the next day. Get 7-9 hours of sleep each night, enjoy a healthy dinner and eat anytime you are hungry. Our friends at Carmichael Training Systems have resources to check out for training and nutrition as well.

Hesitation #3

“There’s so much climbing!”

The Calming Solution

With courses starting from town and highlighting the best of Olympic City, USA under the towering gleam of Pikes Peak, there is understandably a good amount of climbing. Still not to be feared, because the grades aren’t that steep. If an old train engine can rumble up the likes of Gold Camp Road, then as a rider you’ll settle in and spin up quite easily. To practice find a long uphill gradient to ride once a week. If you live in a flatter area, shift a gear or two harder over a stretch or ride into the wind to simulate the climbs.

Hesitation #4

“I really want to ride, but I don’t have anyone to ride with me.”

The Calming Solution

The beauty of the mountain biking community is how friendly and welcoming everyone is to a new rider. Bring yourself and a positive outlook and you’ll be sure to make a friend on the climb straight away. For the ladies, we are collaborating with Sugar Beets Cycling to host a Ladies Night after the time trial at Palmer Park on Day 1 where you are sure to meet other awesome gals.

Hesitation #5

“The registration cost is a bit more than I can afford.”

The Calming Solution

The logistics of hosting a multi-day event, in four different locations, does bring the cost of registration up more than some are comfortable spending.  We get it. That’s why we’ve introduced two options for you to experience the APEX one-day at a time. You could choose to time trial through Palmer Park on Thursday—one of the only times you can ride Palmer Park on trails closed to other users AND without constantly pulling out your phone to navigate which track to take next—for a very affordable $28. You could also dive into everyone’s favorite stage from 2020, and immerse yourself in the Gold Camp Road ascent through old railroad tunnels with views that’ll make you forget you’re in a bike event! When you reach the top of Jones Park, be ready for a 3000’ descent that’ll leave you whooping and hollering like a kid. Just try to stop smiling. Saturday’s one-day option is $125 for the 40 mile adventure, swag bag and APEX Awards & After Party.

Hesitation #6

“I’m not a racer.”

The Calming Solution

You don’t have to be. The APEX is an experience. It’s an adventure. Backcountry rides that are fully-supported so you can pedal farther and more comfortably than alone. It’s a personal challenge to overcome, a bucket-list of Colorado Springs trails, and your own accomplishment is all that matters.  The APEX is designed to be accessible to anyone who rides bikes—gravel, road riders, bike-packers, adventurer cyclists, and mountain bikers alike. You just might want to borrow a mountain bike if you don’t have one. 

Hesitation #7

“I want to ride, but I don’t want to be the last person out there.”

The Calming Solution

You won’t be the last person out there. We have volunteers and medics on course. The Subaru Support Team will be out there providing assistance.  We have drones in the sky watching. The aid stations will be stocked with food, drink and supporters. There will be a sweeper on bike to clear the course after everyone has gone through. Not one of these people will be rushing you. They won’t leave before the final rider passes through, and you can bet they will be cheering for you at the finish!  And if you are the last rider to cross the line?  So what.  You just saved the best for last. 

Hesitation #8

“My partner is racing, and I’ll be watching the kids.”

Then may we suggest registering for the one-day option on Saturday? Race HQ will be at America the Beautiful Park on Day 3. Kids on Bikes will be there with PMBIA certified instructors to host skills clinics for children. Bobbi Warner, former pro-cyclist, will be hosting adult clinics. Our expo will be in full swing with national bike brands, local retailers and community organizations for you to check out.  Day 3 will definitely be a party!

There you have it.  All of your hesitations squashed! Whether you register to spend the entire 4 days with us, or decide to join for just a day or two, we can’t wait to see you in Colorado Springs this September!