2021 Strava Challenge Winners Announced

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As our friend and announcer Dave Towle would say, the Pikes Peak APEX Strava Challenge is done and dusted for 2021!

Dusty it was, as our two winners threw dirt on both of the former KOM/QOM holders and raged up Mt. Herman road in record time.

Our 2020 Strava Challenge winner reigned again, and Nick Gould showed why he is the man to beat on these gravel climbs. His time of 36 minutes and 54 seconds easily beat second place challenger Geffrey Moy and won him the free APEX entry for a second year. A bit of smack talk was had,as Nick was able to do the challenge before the Forest Service graded the road and made it a bit looser for the challengers, but we think he had some inside information and used it to his advantage to find the best conditions possible.

On the women’s side, Julie Powell took no prisoners as she finished the challenge in 51.08. Amanda Peine was our second placed female, but Julie used her running fitness to win the free entry to the APEX for 2021.  

For our “guess the combined time” challenge, we truly had an out-of-town winner in Michael Terceira.  Hailing from Bermuda, Michael was only 2 SECONDS OFF with his guess of 1:28:04.  Pack your bike and reserve your ticket Michael—we know where you will be in September!

See full details on Strava.

Congratulations to all and thanks to everyone who participated! Looking forward to seeing you in September.

QOM - Julie Powell


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KOM - Nick Gould


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