2021 Course Information

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Stage 1: Palmer Park

presented by The Warner Group

Approximately 10 miles + 1,000 feet of elevation

The Pikes Peak APEX returns to Palmer Park in 2021 for the individual prologue. This in-town park requires some technical skill and the ability to power over slickrock and sandstone features that define this trail popular with the locals. Mostly singletrack with several wide-open sections for passing, Palmer Park has views of downtown Colorado Springs and Pikes Peak. Will we use the exact same course as 2020? Maybe, maybe not. Stay tuned to find out!

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Stage 2: Monument

presented by ASSOS USA

Approximately 40 miles + 5,500 feet of elevation

The Friday stage will be brand new for 2021—while we will keep with our tradition of a gravel-heavy first big stage, this time we will ride singletrack Limbaugh Canyonback down!

Leaving from the Town of Monument just 20 minutes north of downtown Colorado Springs, riders will head up Mt. Herman Road on a climb reminiscent of the Rampart Range Road climb in 2020 - although not quite as long. After gaining about 2,300 vertical feet, riders will cruise a few gravel rollers on FS 315 and 314 before hitting a singletrack loop in Lovell Gulch—a trail network just north of Woodland Park. After a couple of miles on Rampart Range Road (a section well north of the section we used in 2020), riders will head down a rowdy, double-track decent on Balanced Rock Road. After descending 1,500 vertical feet to reach the bottom, riders will head south on FS 715 through Limbaugh Canyon, with a beautiful singletrack ride up the valley behind Mt. Herman. A bit of climbing will then give way to another long singletrack descent, crossing back over Mt. Herman Road and riding trail 715 all the way back to Monument Preserve where race timing will end.

A short 2 mile spin down into town will bring you back to the start line, with about 40 miles and over 5,500 feet of vertical climbing in your legs.

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Stage 3: Gold Camp

presented by Heuberger Subaru

Approximately 40 miles, with about 35 miles timed + 5,000 feet of elevation

Back by popular demand—Gold Camp to Jones Park and Capt’n Jacks! When 2020 riders voted for their favorite stage, this was it--so of course we had to bring it back!

Day three rolls through Bear Creek Regional Park just outside of downtown Colorado Springs and then up Gold Camp Road.  Riders will spin up this old railroad grade road with tunnels and breathtaking views of Cheyenne Canyon and The Broadmoor on the way up to Old Stage Road and Frosty Park.   The long climb up through the tunnels of Gold Camp are worth it with the 3,000 vertical foot decent of Jones Park and Capt’n Jacks trails at the end. Few trails anywhere compare to the flowy, loose ride down from Frosty Park, and this makes it one of the most popular trails in the area. But, don’t underestimate the climbing--while there are very few steep sections, this one goes on for almost 22 miles straight before heading back down toward town. From there it is down New Jones Park Trail (701)--a true Pikes Peak backcountry downhill.  Timing ends when Lower Capt’n Jacks hits Gold Camp, around mile 33. From there, riders can coast back to the start.

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Stage 4: Cheyenne Canyon

presented by Norwood Development

Around 20 miles + about 3,600 feet of elevation

Back by popular demand (well, actually the Air Force Academy demanded we use our backup course) is our Day 4 ride in Cheyenne Canyon.  While we will have a few small changes in last year's course, it will include the High Drive Climb, Lower Captain Jacks, Spring Creek, Columbine and Buckhorn trails.  This day is a bit punchier--a few steep climbs mixed in to some slippery singletrack.  This day is much shorter than the two previous days so we will have time to grab a drink with friends afterward at our podium ceremony at Goat Patch Brewing!

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