2021 Awards

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We were back to America The Beautiful Park for the final day - Stage 4: Cheyenne Canyon. Same start line, but this time riders headed towards Cheyenne Canyon and Capt'n Jacks before returning to receive their finishers glass and a non-alcoholic beer from Athletic Brewing Company. After cooling down, everyone met up at Goat Patch Brewing for the APEX Awards & After Party co-hosted by Springs Wealth Group.

2021 Pro/Open Winners

Top 3 Women

2021 Pro Category Winners Women
1st Place Alexis Skarda, 2nd Place Evelyn Dong, 3rd Place Sofia Gomez Villafane
Remaining winners.

Top 3 Men

2021 Pro Men
1st Place Keegan Swenson, 2nd Place RJ Amos, 3rd Place Russell Finsterwald
Remaining winners.

2021 Age Group Winners

Women 23-39

Women 23-39
1st Place Nikki Aisenbrey, 2nd Place Samantha Welter

Masters Women 50-59

Women 50-59
1st Place Pam Seidler, 2nd Place Missy Ross

U23 Men 15-22

U23 Men 15-22
1st Place Jack Odron, 2nd Place Chris Mehlman, 3rd Place Reagan Isaac

Men 23-39

Men 23-39
1st Place Miles Juneau, 2nd Place Matt Pike, 3rd Place Henry York

Masters Men 40-49

Men 40-49
1st Place Nick Gould, 2nd Place Brett Billings, 3rd Place Joseph Glass

Masters Men 50-59

Men 50-59
1st Place Curt Anderson, 2nd Place Sean Bourke, 3rd Place Carlos Vulgamott

Masters Men 60+

1st Place Win Van Pelt

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