20% Off Enduro Bites for APEX Participants

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Enduro Bites

Racing at elevation is a different animal. High-altitude efforts stress your heart and lungs like nothing else. For those who live and train closer to sea level, putting forth full effort on the climbs above Colorado Springs might cause you to question the meaning of life, or at least the purpose of bike racing, as many of our trails climb above 9,000 ft. and a few top out above 12,000 ft. Imagine breathing through a straw while trying to stay with your competitors. It feels something like that.

Like many cyclists in the area, the experts at Enduro Bites moved to Colorado Springs and experienced this firsthand. It’s why they developed Beta Red Pre-Workout Formula. Beta Red’s blend of nitrate-rich beet juice powder and synergistic amino acids (Beta alanine, Citrulline malate, and Betaine) helps your cardiovascular system carry more oxygen to working muscle and allows you to do more work with this oxygen when it gets there. This helps those of us who live and train at this elevation as well since oxygen is the limiting factor for mountain biking here (and everywhere else).

As a supporter of the Pikes Peak APEX presented by RockShox, they are offering a 20% discount to registered racers. This can be applied to all of our products: Beta Red, Recovery Protein, Nano CBD, and Enduro Bites. All developed and produced in Colorado to support high-altitude adventures. And, if you prefer, you can order online and pick up your order at check-in. Just indicate this in the note field on your order.

Please use discount code “APEX” to take advantage of this special offer at endurobites.com